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DraculApp: technology and talent together make a successful Digital Integrator. Draculapp is a digital creative company created around one question: can technology be creative? Our answer is: YES! And we went further: technology is Art, technology is Communication! DraculApp is the creative artist who has a deep knowledge of materials and techniques and mixes them with high skill to create a technological masterpiece


As she once said, “each one of us is instilled with an ability to discover. It is our duty to make the best of that gift.”

You’re invited to join Bojan Ljubomir Preradovic’s journey of discovery.



Dean Jokanovic Toumin was born in 1946 in Sarajevo. He moves to Italy in 1970, where he associates with the international artistic scene in Venice and Milan. Since 1993, his artistic journey, marked by an analytic approach and a re-examination of the media (expressed in classical painting, artistic installations, as well as conceptual- spatial interventions).
He has participated in several international projects, from Biennales in Venice, Geneve Flux gallery, Chile Museo de Arte Contemporanea, Barcelona Fondació Miró and cooperative projects with Sarajevo’s Ars Aevi Centre.